Proprietor of the Service

The Proprietor of this Service is Fabryka Kosmetyków „Pollena-Ewa” S.A. („F. K. Pollena-Ewa S.A.”) with the headquarters in Poland, Zelów, Zachodnia 25 street, KRS no 0000011250

Information contained in the Service

All content of this Service is of informative character in the scope of issues that concern the F. K. Pollena-Ewa S.A. and products manufactured by F. K. Pollena-Ewa S.A.and of usable character in the scope of subscription and access of an entitled group of visitors.

Information provided by the Service does not constitute any sales offer; therefore, no sales agreement may be singed on this basis.

The Service Proprietor may implement changes in the Service without any prior notification or further justification.

Provided services

The Proprietor of this site provides the following services:

subscription service
access to specialist information for an entitled group of users

Subscription stands for placing a user’s order for receiving of regular information from the Service. The frequency of sending of such information is not specified. The Service Proprietor will not be responsible for not delivering of the ordered information for objective reasons, independent of the Proprietor.

Access to specialist information requires filling in a registration form and agreeing for the terms and conditions included in the regulations concerning the access of the registered users.

The above listed services are provided free of charge and neither a minimal nor a maximal time of provision is specified.

Registration procedure

Usage of this Access Service starts with entering details concerning name and/or surname and e-mail address into the registration form and also with giving consent to processing of personally identifiable information in the scope described in detail in the Privacy Policy by pressing „I agree” button.

Resignation from the owned user’s account is possible any time.

Other activities conducted through the Service

Loyalty programs, contests and promotional campaigns, as well as market and consumer research, may also be conducted through this Service. Detailed terms of their execution will be included in particular regulations. Participation in the above named actions will be possible after giving consent to terms of a specific regulation with use of a form.

Responsibility of the Proprietor

The Service Proprietor does not take any responsibility for usage of personally identifiable details by third parties, for any kind of external unlawful activities and other circumstances, independent of the Proprietor.

All the information included in the Service was elaborated in good faith. The Proprietor takes no responsibility for the content, reliability, precision and completeness of information given on external sites, to which links are provided by this Internet site. These links are marked with the blue colour of type.

Applicable law

The use of this Site shall be governed in all respects by the Polish law and all the issues that refer to usage of this Service shall be applicable to appropriate regulations being in force in the Republic of Poland.


The content of this service is protected by copyrights and cannot be modified, copied or distributed without authorization of the Service Proprietor. Print out of the Service content may be possible only for personal use. All other kinds of usage of this Service content require a written consent of the Service Proprietor.

Protection of trademarks and trade names

Trademarks and trade names used in the Service are protected by the appropriate law regulations. No use or modification of any of these may be made without the prior authorization of F. K. Pollena-Ewa S.A..

K. Pollena-Ewa S.A. does not guarantee efficiency and correctness of performance of this Service or removal of arisen errors. It is also not guarantied that the server, on which this Service operates, is free of viruses and other harmful elements.

Modification of the legal notice

TZMO reserves the right to change and supplement the content of this legal notice at any time.